Edward Garder: A Faithful Disciple Testimony on TB Joshua and SCOAN

Sources: Watched TB Joshua

In the midst of swirling controversies surrounding Prophet TB Joshua and The Synagogue Church of All Nations, former disciple Edward Garder steps forward to provide a firsthand account of his experiences within the renowned ministry. As a disciple, Edward witnessed and actively participated in the compassionate work, and miracles that defined the ministry.

Prophet TB Joshua, a revered and scrutinized figure, has been the subject of recent discussions, particularly fueled by a fabricated BBC documentary. Edward Garder aims to offer a counter-narrative, shedding light on the compassionate endeavors that transcended borders. The ministry, under Prophet TB Joshua’s leadership, extended aid to victims of natural disasters, provided scholarships for education, and exemplified a commitment to serving humanity.

One significant aspect of Edward’s testimony revolves around the miracles witnessed at The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). Working extensively in the Emergency Department, he emphasizes the authenticity of these miracles. From cancers disappearing to the blind gaining sight, the documented medical verifications stood as evidence of the supernatural healings that occurred within the church.

Edward’s narrative takes a personal turn as he recounts an impactful act of generosity from Prophet TB Joshua. He shares the heartfelt testimony of how the Prophet sent financial support to his parents, demonstrating a commitment to caring for not only the spiritual but also the practical needs of those connected to the ministry.

He talk about the rigorous discipleship training provided by Prophet TB Joshua. Edward highlights the grounding of disciples in the word of God and the additional provision of professional skills development. The ministry went beyond spiritual growth, equipping disciples with practical skills in areas such as camera work, voiceover artistry, and more.

Addressing misconceptions presented in the BBC documentary, Edward clarifies Prophet TB Joshua’s stance on medicine. He urges readers to scrutinize information against the backdrop of the ministry’s actual teachings, ensuring a more nuanced understanding.

In a reflective tone, Edward provides a warning for the end times, referencing Matthew 24:9-14. He encourages Christians to stand firm on the truth of God’s word, emphasizing the importance of discernment in the face of challenges and potential deception.

As the true continues to unfold about Prophet TB Joshua and The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Edward’s testimony serves as a poignant reminder of the impact the ministry had through compassion, miracles, and discipleship. He calls on individuals to seek truth and test information against the word of God.

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